Why Consumers Should Say no to simpliSafe

See what’s happening in real time and take action for police response!

The revolutionary DragonFly Security System™ provides affordable video monitoring of activity inside and outside your home. After you install the cordless night-vision cameras, you can view video alerts, invite Followers, and dispatch to the monitoring station from your smartphone. The monitoring station shares the verified alarm with police for emergency response, helping to support your family’s safety.



DragonFly Compared to Others:

Scout Security
Monthly Rate Starting at $14.95 Starting at $10.00 As low as $9.95 - No professional dispatch
Upfront Cost As Low As 229.95 As Low As $199 As Low as $249
Cost of Additional MotionViewer Camera Not Available As Low As $99 Not Available
Length Of Contract No Contract No Contract No Contract
Cost of SmartPhone APP $10/Month FREE FREE
Video Verified High Priority Dispatch Advanced Verification Not Available All Alerts Are Verified With Video Advanced Verification Not Available
Provide False Dispatch Immunity Through Video Technology False Alerts Are A Mystery The Source of Every Alert is Known False Alerts are a Mystery
Functional range of sensors 400 feet 1000 feet 100 feet
Spread Spectrum Military Technology No Yes No
Functions Ethernet Not Available Available Available
Functions As Wi-Fi Not Available Available Not Available
Functions as Cellular Cellular Only Option Available Available
Can be used everywhere Requires Strong Cell Area Several Connection Options Multiple Connection Options
Detects Intruders BEFORE they enter Not Available With Outdoor Products Not Available
Battery Back Up - Works during power failure* Yes Yes Yes

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DragonFly™ Security System Alarms